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Composite Wood
natural and

Composite Wood
Beautiful, natural and renewable…

As a specialist of green products, we exercise stringent measure to ensure the followings are adhered to:


Quality control from materials to production


Proper continuous testing are carried out to ensure consistency of our product quality

CT Wood major focuses in construction using composite wood as its element. We provide design, supply and installation of composite wood. We have more than 30 years experience on wood product fabrication.

We use composite material, which applies a full array of light weight materials to minimize cost, improves quality, and seeks to lead an example in creating a successful and growing business environment, which give benefits the community.

Our product consists of a wide range of composite wood products, from composite wood pellets, building façade, cladding, interior flooring, roofing, louver blade, ceiling feature, trellis, fencing, column cladding, outdoor decking, wall panel, door & window, skirting, screening, street furniture, railing series and producing custom design base on client requirement. We specialize in providing solution for DIY market, building system and construction. All of our products are easy to install and maintain.

Through our products, we are committed to redefine the concept of value in construction and remodeling industries by providing smart, efficient and healthy alternative to conventional building materials.

Product specifications, certifications and samples are available for your reference.

Our raw materials comprise of reconstituted wood base composite from: Spruce tree plantations, resin and additive. 70% wood compound, 30% UPVC. Harvested and produced through environmentally responsible processes

Composite wood
it is wood,
engineered to
near perfection.

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